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Under a constant feeling of movement and change, three iconographic elements dominate João de Almeida's work, part of a landscape both recognisable and identifiable as a very concrete spot of the Portuguese coast that the artist regularly visits:

Pine Trees


Bent trees, their trunks nearly horizontal, moulded over the years by the wind blowing from the sea.



Rocks (arenites), which once were sand and to the sand return, also by the action of the wind blowing from the sea.

Sea and Clouds


Masses of waves and clouds formations, both of them acting as the most direct, most immediately perceptible expression of the movement and change that animate each drawing as a whole.

The chosen medium is pastel crayon used to create black-and-white near-paintings. Thus the oeuvre grows in accordance with a plural non-colour of whites, greys and blacks:

- The Whites ...

- The Greys ...

- The blacks ...

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